96 Hour Famine & Virtual Protest Closing Statement

Today is the last day of this year's 96 Hour Famine & Virtual Protest Rally to bring attention to the dog & cat meat trade. 

Thank you to everyone for your support and those who have shared, retweeted, posted and started a conversation about our famine, protests and petition. We must continue to use our voices all year long to help bring an end to this barbaric industry. 

Fasting these past 96 hours has been very difficult. Going without food for so long does affect a person both physically and emotionally. The hardest thing that we experienced was not the lack of food or physical issues like migraines, blackouts, lack of sleep, or hunger. The most challenging and heartbreaking issue was knowing that on Sunday at 12:01 am, our fast would end, but the dog and cats torture continues until their horrific deaths. 

If someone isn't used to fasting, going without food for so long can take a toll. It makes a physical impact, including mentally and emotionally, and it's horrifying to realize what it's like for the millions of animals suffering because of the dog and cat meat trade. 

Going without food makes makes it harder to think, you feel disoriented, it drains you, your body aches, and your mind constantly drifts to food. The ache and emptiness are both disturbing and painful. You may often feel tired and lack energy. You can experience headaches, stomachaches, nausea, cramps, have dizzy spells, trouble breathing, and you may even blackout. 

It's beyond heartbreaking to think about these dogs and cats who never know when or if they'll be fed. They are completely at the mercy of their abusers. 

And the pets that have been taken from their families had at one time known love and had been fed, so when it stops, it's devastating to imagine what they are going through. There are no words to describe what they must think or feel to go from a family into a life of such terror and cruelty. 

The dog and cat meat trade MUST end! Please Sign & Share our petition! http://chng.it/VTnw879Mgr

It's estimated that in China alone, 10 million dogs and 4 million cats are slaughtered for the dog meat trade each year. 

Dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes, many of them family pets still wearing their collars, are snatched from the streets and forced into tiny cages. Many suffer broken limbs as they are transported vast distances without food or water. 

When they finally arrive at the dog meat markets, injured, dehydrated and exhausted, they are forced to watch in terror as other dogs are bludgeoned to death or thrown still alive into boiling water to remove their skins. 

Animals Asia has exposed that most 'meat dogs' are vulnerable strays or pets stolen from their families. 

We need to work together to END the dog and cat meat trade and bring attention to the horrifying and torturous conditions that these poor defenceless animals are forced to endure until their barbaric deaths. 

Please SIGN and SHARE our petition: http://chng.it/VTnw879Mgr 

And if you wish to sponsor and support our cause, please donate to our GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/stop-yulin-and-end-the-dog-and-cat-meat-trade . Every donation helps our mission to assist in stopping the yulin festival and help bring and end to the dog and cat meat trade. 

To connect with us, please join us on one or more of our social media platforms: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Stop-Yulin-Forever-2020-692850721146352/ 

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/TalesOf2Ravens 

We urge you to learn more about this barbaric trade and what you can do to help. 

Because, these animals do not have the luxury of tomorrow.