A Soldier's Letter

The Fellowship of Ravens wishes to express our gratitude to everyone serving on the frontlines during this pandemic. There are not enough words to describe your bravery, selflessness and devotion.

Because medical personnel are experiencing symptoms of PTSD due to Covid_19, we are going to continue donating copies of our ebook, A Soldier’s Letter to those working tirelessly to make sure we all stay safe and well.

As May is Mental Health Awareness month, and June is National PTSD Awareness Month we need to speak up and take a stand for  those that are suffering.

The pandemic is causing a lot of uncertainty, fear and anger around the world.

Medical personnel, other frontline workers and so many others are experiencing PTSD, depression, anxiety, and financial hardship. We want to do something to help so we are giving away copies of our ebook,’A Soldier’s Letter’.

Everyone can go onto our website and enter code: Friendship to receive a FREE digital copy of, ‘A Soldier’s Letter’.

For those that would like to purchase a copy of A Soldier’s Letter we will also be extending our discount for the ebook. Please use code: Hope25 to receive 25% off. Through the purchase of our ebook, a donation will be made to The Royal Canadian Legion - Owen Sound and to Wounded Warriors Canada to assist with their PTSD Service Dog Program.

'A Soldier's Letter' is a book of poems and photographs that help bring awareness to those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and to honour the Allied Soldiers of the First and Second World Wars.

A Soldier's Letter brings into sharp focus the inner thoughts and personal, intimate reflections of those we ask to travel that dark and bloody road, paying that butcher's bill for our freedom, for the rest of their lives.

Few books I have read in my life, have lingered restlessly in my thoughts for so long, and moved me to tears as much as A Soldier’s Letter.

I highly recommend A Soldier's Letter, lest we forget:"

War is not won with words, but with our blood.
We sacrifice our bodies, our minds, our souls, our futures.
We give all that we have and all we ever hope to be.
We are Warriors.
We are what this world needs us to be.

Mark Ryan, Actor, Author, Director