Criminalize Dog And Cat Meat

Most people don't know that it is LEGAL to consume dog and cat meat in Canada.

If properly sourced or killed and gutted in front of federal inspectors, a restaurant could substitute dog or cat meat without facing any criminal charges or health violations.

Currently, there are NO legal consequences if a pet owner kills and eats their own dog or cat.

It is horrific, appalling and difficult to believe, but it's true.


We need to work together to change these archaic laws within Canada as well as other countries, such as China, where this inhumane and barbaric cruelty is happening!

Dogs, cats and all animals are precious and should be protected; NOT exploited!

The dog and cat meat trade is a thriving business around the world.

And now a new dog & cat meat market is in the works in Nigeria.

We MUST work together, use our voices, educate ourselves and others to put an END to this horrific and barbaric industry.

We as Canadians should be disgusted and ashamed that this is taking place in our OWN country. We have to do everything in our power to bring an end to this cruelty, starting by signing this petition. (petition created by: Arf Arf Bark Bark Rescue Foundation)

We MUST stand and unite together! We need to get out there and attend protest raliles, sign petitions and make donations to organizations that are trying to stop this evil from continuing.

Reach out to your MP's and Government. Start your own petitions to END the dog and cat meat trade and put proper policies and laws into place to protect these precious beings.

We need to work together and stand united with all of the individuals and organisations in Canada, as well as around the world.

We come together because of our love and respect for animals.

We stand together because of our desire to protect them.

And to make this world a better place for all of its inhabitants.

We cannot falter or give in to fear and allow our voices to be silenced. We need to stand together and stay strong.

Animals stand with us on battlefields, guide us through the darkness, assist us through a world without sound and contribute in so many other ways. They push past their own pain to ensure our happiness. 

An animals trust, loyalty and love, is a purity we need to treasure, not exploit.

Just as these animals protect us; we must protect them.

Our greatest power is our compassion;

Our strongest resource is our voice; don’t let them fade into silence

Stand United… Help END the dog and cat meat trade forever!!