GoFundMe - A Soldier's Letter

We Strive To Create Awareness And Change Through Artistry

The Fellowship of Ravens was created to make a positive impact and to help make this world a better place for all of its inhabitants.

Sometimes it can be hard to believe that one person can make a difference or change the course of history, but together we can.

One voice can inspire and motivate. And when that voice merges with another and another and another, the anthem can be heard across oceans.

"A Soldier's Letter" was written several years ago to commemorate Remembrance Day. During that time it was praised and awarded accolades from The Royal Canadian Legion.

As we continue our journey of honouring the Soldiers of World War I and World War II, we are inspired to follow the Wounded Warriors ethos to; "Honour the Fallen, Help the Living" and raise awareness for those who have PTSD.

Through creating "A Soldier’s Letter" we have been fortunate to receive support from Vincent Corazza, Mark Ryan, Barbara Radecki, Patty Sargent-Gibson, President Branch #6, of The Royal Canadian Legion and others who want to help this important cause.

Through The Fellowship of Ravens we support and donate to The Royal Canadian Legion, Wounded Warriors Canada, Smile Animal Society, The Southampton Angel Fund and Veteran Knits.

Our goals also include opening a sanctuary that rescues animals from the dog, cat and horse meat trade.

And we want to create a scholarship that supports students who have been diagnosed with PTSD.

We were inspired by tales of the raven, Edgar Allan Poe and because we want to make a positive impact in our community, we created The Fellowship of Ravens.

And we are building an online community to assist in providing information, support and resources which can be found on our website.

Your donations will assist us in so many ways, including printing and donating books, creating a scholarship and ‘A Soldier’s Letter’ audiobook.

We want to thank all of the Warriors past, present, and future, who stand on guard and to those who suffer the ultimate sacrifice so that others can live in a better world.

Any donation you are able to give, will be greatly appreciated.


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