How to Help a Pet Sitter Care for Your Pooch

Guest article by Cindy Aldridge,

Image via Pexels

Dog owners love their fur babies as though they were humans. Despite undying devotion, there are times they cannot be home to perform pet parent duties. Doglando notes that hiring a pet sitter is a worthwhile alternative to boarding. The Fellowship of Ravens offers some advice on helping one care for your hound.

Finding Dog Sitters Occupational statisticians cited on Zippia state there are more than 32,000 dog sitters in the United States. With that many candidates, you should be able to identify a suitable choice.

Yet, having someone live in your home, even for a few days, can be a worrying prospect. You don't automatically know whether a stranger is responsible or will take unfair advantage. Just be sure that, before leaving on your trip, to keep your stress level low so it doesn't rub off on your pet. This will help keep your pet calm when your sitter comes over.

Find qualified applicants by asking a veterinarian or dog trainer for recommendations. You can also dig up leads from speaking with neighbours who own animals. Alternatively, connect with organizations like Pet Sitters International. The Spruce Pets suggests asking pertinent questions of candidates before making your selection.

Despite your best efforts, you might not locate someone you're comfortable hiring. Why not take your animal buddy along for the journey? With kids and luggage, cars quickly get crowded. If you're bringing more than one animal, space is at a particular premium. Using a pet transportation service is a perfect solution.

Supplying Necessities for Dog Sitters

The person watching your furry housemate expects to have everything necessary for handling the job. Don't even think about jetting off without verifying that all is present. Check there's plenty of food, medications aren't going to run out, and pet cleaning supplies are within reach. You'll also have to supply a house key. Give your sitter one with built-in copying restrictions.

Before stocking up on toys, grooming items, and training treats, go online and read product critiques. Many sites offer reviews that point surfers toward best-quality purchases. These comments, though, aren't always trustworthy. Seek websites where opinions from veterinarians are featured. These endorsements will have you feeling confident that Rover is healthy and safe during your absence.

Instructing Dog Sitters

Speak directly with your dog sitter about expectations and what to do in emergencies. Afterward, type everything into an official package for easy reference. Include contact information, feeding guidelines, and medication instructions. Also, provide details on how to keep your house in top condition.

Buying Insurance That Reassures Dog Sitters

Even if your rules and guidelines are clear, accidents happen. Your animal might get injured or fall ill without anyone being at fault. The dog sitter should rush your pet to the local animal hospital. Purchasing pet insurance helps assure immediate treatment.

The best ways to shop for pet insurance include doing a little detective work online. Look for offers with the best coverage, lowest deductibles, and attractive premiums. Before applying, find out whether your canine exceeds the maximum allowable age. Compare sample quotes and read customer evaluations ahead of making a decision. Once your dog has medical coverage, include documentation as part of your information packet.

Communicating With Dog Sitters

While away, you'll want to touch base. Let your dog's temporary guardian know you'll be requesting updates. Emails and texts are good alternatives to phone calls when signals are weak. Set up camera monitors in strategic locations of your home, letting you keep a constant eye on everything and giving extra reassurance.

Dog sitters require your help. Among their needs are detailed instructions and direct access to pet insurance. Make sure none of these critical concerns fall through the cracks.

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