How YOU can help STOP the Yulin Festival and END the dog and cat meat trade! 

Sign petitions! Protest! Contact your government! Help spread the word! 

There are still so many people that have no idea that the Yulin Festival or dog and cat meat industry even exists. 

It's crucial not to allow fear, lies or hate to interfere with getting out the message to save these precious and defenceless animals. 

We ARE the voice for the voiceless. We must always show respect and be as knowledgeable as possible. 

Even though it's difficult, tragic and overwhelming, we urge you to LEARN and SHARE more about this barbaric trade and industry. 

For too long, the dog and cat meat trade has thrived amongst the shadows. We must bring the truth to light. 

Together, we will STOP the Yulin Festival and END the dog and cat meat trade FOREVER. 

2021 would have been the 6th year standing together in front of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto. However, due to Covid_19, the Province-wide lockdown, social distancing, and the protesters' safety, our rallies will once again be taking place virtually for the second year. 


Virtual Protest Rally #1 

When: Saturday, June 12th, 2021 

Time: 10:00am to 3:00pm EST 

Where: ONLINE - Facebook, Youtube and Twitter 


Virtual Protest Rally #2 

When: Monday, June 21st, 2021 

Time: 10:00am to 3:00pm EST 

Where: ONLINE - Facebook, Youtube and Twitter 


And for the 2nd year, The Fellowship of Ravens will once again fast for 96 hours to raise funds and bring attention to the horrifying and torturous conditions that these poor defenceless animals endure until their brutal and senseless deaths. They are starved, beaten, tortured and then boiled alive. They do not have the luxury of food, water, safety, security or love. 

Our responsibility as collective humanity is to stand together and protect all animals from any abuse whatsoever. 


96 Hour Famine and Virtual Protest Rally 

When: 11:59 pm June 29th - 12:01 am July 4th, 2021 EST 

Where: ONLINE - Facebook, Youtube and Twitter 


Throughout the 96 hours, please join our Virtual Protest Rally on our social media sites and follow along as we fast to help STOP the Yulin Festival and bring an END to the dog and cat meat trade. 

To sponsor and support our 96 Hour Famine & Protest Rally, please donate to our GoFundMe: 

If you would like to participate in the 96 hour fast personally, please email us directly at: for more information and your sign up sheet.  

If you cannot fast for the full 96 hours, that's okay; you can fast for as long as you can… Every moment you fast helps. 

Your participation helps bring awareness, donations and a voice to these innocent animals. 

During your participation with our 96 Hour Famine, share your experience on social media. 

Detail what happens to your mind, body and emotions while fasting. How often do you think about food? Does going without food make you feel sick? What thoughts, feelings, connections do you have to these animals while your body aches for food and nourishment?  

DISCLAIMER: Only fast if you do not have any medical issues, and please consult with your doctor before participating. Do not continue if your health is at risk. If at any point you feel you must stop, please listen to your body.  

To connect with us, please join us on one or more of our social media platforms: 





You can also email us: 

Please SIGN & SHARE our petition: 


Let's get people talking and sharing. 

Use hashtags #StopYulinForever #StopTheYulinFestival #EndTheDogAndCatMeatTrade #96HourFamineToEndDCMT #FamilyNotFood #BeTheVoiceForTheVoiceless #StandUnited #UseYourVoice  

The more people we can reach, the louder our message to STOP the dog and cat meat trade FOREVER.
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